Miner's Mild 3.5% - 500ml

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Totally unfashionable, Milds are a neglected beer style that are full of flavour but low in alcohol, perfect for quenching the thirst after a tough day's work. Miner's Mild is focused on the darker side of this style and has a deep roasted flavour with a deceptively full body for the strength of the beer.

Malts: Vienna, Naked Oats, Dark Crystal, Pale Chocolate (contains Gluten)

Hops: Bramling Cross, East Kent Goldings

Yeast: Verdant IPA 

IBU:  15

ALC 3.5% VOL  |  500ML

Beer stores best in a cool dark place

*If it wasn't for the warren of coal mines under Blairadam the Blunt Chisel Brewery may not have even come about. In honour of the intrepid workers of the past.