The Blunt Chisel Brewery was an idea sparked from a trip to Whitby on a chilly January day in 2017. My wife and I took a few days away to see the new year in after a long and gruelling year touring with my job in theatre. As we walked up to Whitby abbey with a particularly bitter icy wind cutting through us, low and behold there was a little brewery and taproom to offer some respite.


We ordered a couple of pints and thought about what if I were to do something else so I could work closer to home? Seeing what the guys at the Whitby Brewery had done, with a tap room and simple pallet seating, we got chatting with them. 


I told them about my love of beer and of making it, the spring water that comes down from the Cleish hills, the history of the old Blairadam Sawmill next to where we were living that was now lying empty and how we wished to keep it alive, and the mad idea of me moving my brewing into there with an eye to making a little business of it. They couldn't be more enthusiastic in support, "go for it" they said. So we did.

During 2017 I brewed and read and brewed and learned as much as I could. Using the money from another theatre tour I began to put together the kit, renovated the space and start the legal processes to build a little brewery in the old wood working workshop of Phoenix Mill. May 2018 saw our first bottles on sale at the Kinross Market.  2020 has brought about an increase in capacity and the brewery is now licensed for direct alcohol sales.